Children’s Wing Chun:
Ages 8 – 14

At Twisted Arts Self Defence we welcome your child to Junior Warriors, the ultimate martial arts destination for young minds aged 8 to 14!

Our dynamic Wing Chun Kung Fu program is meticulously designed to cultivate discipline, confidence, and resilience, empowering your child to navigate life’s challenges with skill and grace.

Mastering Martial Arts, Inside and Out:

Our seasoned instructors are dedicated to nurturing both physical prowess and mental acuity. Through the art of Wing Chun, your child will develop quick reflexes, strategic thinking, and heightened situational awareness. These invaluable skills will not only serve them on the mat but also in every facet of life.

Unleash Confidence and Perseverance:

At Junior Warriors, we believe that discipline and hard work breed confidence and determination. Each session is an opportunity for your child to unlock their potential, fostering unwavering self-belief and the understanding that with effort, they can overcome any obstacle.

Building Bonds, Fostering Respect:

Our supportive environment promotes camaraderie, teamwork, and mutual respect. In the company of like-minded peers, your child will forge lasting friendships while honing their skills. Our Junior Warriors not only become adept martial artists but also compassionate and respectful individuals.

Elevate Body, Mind, and Spirit:

Our mission is to equip your child with a holistic skill set that enhances physical agility, mental clarity, and emotional balance. Wing Chun is not just a martial art; it’s a way of life that instils self-awareness and purpose, empowering your Junior Warrior to excel in every endeavour.

Join us in this transformative journey, where your child will embrace the spirit of a true warrior through the mastery of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Enrol your Junior Warrior today and witness the remarkable growth and achievements that await your child within our dedicated martial arts community!

About Wing Chun

It was created over 300 years ago by a nun named Ng Mui, a Buddhist Nun and Abbess from a Shaolin temple. She created the new style after observing a fight between a snake and a crane. Ng taught it to her student Yim Wing-Chun who the Martial Art is named after, it was taught to Yim as a way of defending herself against unwanted advances from a local war lord.

Wing Chun uses natural body movements and uses all of the body parts to attack with elbows, shoulders, fingers and knees, knowing when to tense and relax. It is a very aggressive but soft art form. 

It uses quick bursts of direct movements and techniques to arm its aggressor to escape.

This martial art is based on simplicity, relaxed power through softness, yielding and controlling, chi flow and natural responses.

Wing Chun’s principles go with the flow of energy rather than forcing against it.

The practitioner uses relaxed softness to overcome an opponent’s force, which makes it ideal for women to learn as self defence.

Late Great Grandmaster Ip Man, described the art of Wing Chun as used “to maintain one’s flexibility and softness, all the while keeping in the strength to fight back, much like the flexible nature of bamboo”.

Notable practitioners of Wing Chun include Ip Chun, Bruce Lee, Donnie Yen, Brandon Lee, Jackie Chan, Robert Downey Jr., Jason Statham, Nicholas Cage and Christian Bale.

Children’s Self Defence is taught by Dan Tyler

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