Children’s Curriculum


• 45% of young people experience bullying before the age of 18.

• Bullying causes depression and lowers self-esteem.

• To “Bullyproof” your Child, their confidence must be built up through teaching them self-defence, awareness and decision making.

• Sifu’s have been “Bullyproofing” their students for generations.

• This Children’s Wing Chun programme will enable your Child to become
“Bullyproof” through Kung Fu Training, Presence training and a series of disciplines.

The Curriculum

Before introducing the students to the Children’s Wing Chun Program they must be taught the RULES OF ENGAGEMENT so they can know precisely when they can and cant use their Wing Chun Kung Fu training.

All Combative Programs within are formatted for the child’s safety to protect themselves and others who can not protect themselves.

Our 5 Core Fundamentals Subjects will be taught in every Standard class for the students as well as have dedicated classes for each and every subject for those who are looking at achieving their BLACK BELT and developing onto the LEADERSHIP Programs.

The Belt Testing Process

• All new students start at the grade of white belt.

• When the student is ready for their next grade they will be invited by their SIFU to attend Grading Day.

• Additional Grading information will be provided so you (Parent/Guardian) and your child/children will know what they will be tested on for that day.

• All Grading Days require all the Junior Warriors to be in full uniform.

The Readiness Test

Once the student has receive their invitation letter they will be given a set of tasks that they must complete to confirm that they have accepted the letter of invitation.

All tasks are provided with the additional grading information.

“To Train Wing Chun Kung Fu Is A Privilege”

Your Grade Reflects Your Skills & Discipline as a
Martial Artist.


“Know Thyself and know the Journey ahead”

Our Children’s Wing Chun Grading System is there to test your child’s skills and disciplines.

Gradings will show your child the importance of goal setting and working towards achievement, to give them the sense of obtainment of success throughout their Journey.

Knowing your path is just as important as achieving your goals. All students will learn the value of personal development in how they can be better for others by becoming better themselves.