After School Clubs

Our After School Clubs supply coaches with a unique acrobatic program to suit your school and pupils. All classes are entertaining and fun for the pupils, and are run professionally with the highest standards that we bring.

All pupils who complete a term leave with the ability to perform a trick, it could be as basic as a forward roll or as advanced as a backflip or full twist. 

We are not just able to teach the tricks but we are able to perform the tricks as well, which always inspires the children and demonstrates what they are able to accomplish if they work hard.

The children we teach are never held back from achieving their full potential, so there is no trick too large or difficult we can help them achieve. 

Safety and Child Welfare are our number one priority in the clubs, which means our coaches are always:

  • Enhanced DBS Checked
  • First Aid Trained
  • Safeguarding Certificated
  • Public Liability insured 

The coach will never leave a child unattended once the clubs close or charge for a late fee. They will however call the parent or guardian and talk to the reception to arrange a pick up time. 

We ensure that we bring every piece of equipment needed to teach the children in a safe environment, such as crash mats, floor mats and air tracks (8m x 2m) to the club to make sure that any skill or movement they attempt is safe, even if they fail the movement they will be supported by the coach and the equipment..