Meet the Team

Matt Wood
Head Coach

Matt grew up in Northampton and started training wing Chun Kung fu at the age of 13 years old. He reached a high level in wing Chun and started to compete, along side this he achieved a level 3 diploma in dance. Matt eventually moved to London to study at the national centre for the circus arts and achieved a BA Degree as a Acro staff manipulator.

He then went on to perform globally working with big stars and large companies, such as west end shows, the royal opera house, Stufish, Music videos, operas, private events and festivals. He performed as a martial artist and a ground based acrobat.

He has taken a break from performing to coach and build twisted arts to a high level.

Darren Bradley
Business Manager

Darren has continuously push twisted arts to new heights, with his business expertise.

He provides the direction of the business on a daily bases.

Darren has huge passion for martial arts and started in Wado Ryu Karate at the age of 13 and slowly making the transition into Wing Chun Kung Fu in 2006.

Since then he has gone numerous grading, events and meeting many masters along the way. He is now set his journey out as a coach and is standing on the right hand side of his head coach.

Meaway Kevin Kallon
B boy/ Tricking coach
Meaway  Kevin Kallon is a dancer from Milton Keynes and founder of Kallon’s Dance Academy. With more than fifteen years’ experience, he specialises in breakdance (“breaking”) but is well versed in a wide range of styles including other classic and contemporary hip hop styles, as well as afro-dance. He graduated from Stantonbury International School formerly known as Stantonbury Campus, a specialist performing arts school, while in attendance, Kevin learnt the theory behind dance and the impact it has on the wider scope of performing arts as whole. 
Kevin started out in his career organising and leading several workshops, teaching children the art of dance and hip hop culture. His workshop held at Woughton Leisure Centre; Milton Keynes proved successful with 40 children from disadvantaged backgrounds not only attending but also actively taking part. 
Given his love for health and fitness, his style of teaching lays a strong emphasis on the importance of physical fitness and overall well being. A full believer in open mindedness, having a can do attitude and starting every day with a positive approach to life, he welcomes students of all levels to drop in to his dance classes because he not only teaches his students the impact dance and fitness can have on one’s body but it’s mind.
As well as managing Kallon’s Dance Academy, Kevin also teaches at prestigious Dance Academy’s in and around Milton Keynes. Growing up in the Netherlands, he draws from his exposure to the mainland European dance scene which has encouraged him to adopt and celebrate various other styles. 
Kevin’s career highlights include two-time runner at the Streets Arts Champion competition in the Netherlands and the winner of The Dance Off in Bedford, England. Other notable career highlights include performances held at Milton Keynes Theatre, halftime show for the MK Lions basketball team and music videos with artists such as Domo Goroille, Alpha Conception and Jonas