Weaponry Classes

Training weaponry can help improve your Martial arts. Forms and movements can be transferred to real situations. But modern-day training in weaponry is about performance.  

“Our Coaches and Students are sort after for performance-based work in so many areas from Private Events, Stunt, Circuses, Westend Shows, Movies, Music Videos and more.” 

Our weapon training focuses on contact and form, and we train that our weapons are soft and/ or hard.  

We focus on a large range of weaponry…  

  • Acro staff
  • Bo staff
  • Spring Steel Broad Sword Three Section Staff
  • 9 Section Chain Whip
  • Escrima  



It is important to note that the training we give is for performance only and is not to be used outside of class.  

Classes are on Sundays 11:00

Twisted Arts Studio
19 Stafford Place,
Moulton Park Industrial Estate,