About us

Twisted Arts encompasses different Urban Art Forms, from Acrobatics to Martial Arts.



Tricking is a training discipline that combines kicks with flips and twists from Gymnastics as well as many dance moves and styles from Break Dance and Kinesthetics.

It aims to achieve an aesthetic display of different combinations of “Tricks”.

Practitioners are commonly referred to as Trickers, examples of Tricking techniques include Butterfly Twist, Corkscrew and Flash Kick.


Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a concept-based traditional Southern Chinese Kung Fu (Wushu) style and a form of self-defence, also known as “Beautiful Springtime”, that requires quick arm movements and strong legs to defeat opponents.

Softness (via relaxation) and performance of techniques in a relaxed manner is fundamental.

According to legend, it was created by Ng Mui, a Shaolin Buddhist Nun and Abbess who taught it to her student Yim Wing-Chun who the Martial Art is named after, it was taught it to Yim as a way of defending herself against unwanted advances from a local war lord.

More recently the late Great Grandmaster Ip Man, described the art of Wing Chun is used “to maintain one’s flexibility and softness, all the while keeping in the strength to fight back, much like the flexible nature of bamboo”.

Notable practitioners of Wing Chun include Ip Chun, Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee, Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Robert Downey Jr., Jason Statham, Nicholas Cage and Christian Bale.